By the time you get to read this edition of The Landmark you will be picking up the scraps of wrapping paper still on the floor after the opening-of-packages frenzy. You will also be looking for the receipts or gift receipts for the return of gifts. Most likely they are crammed at the bottom of your purse along with other receipts of no necessity.

Each year I vow to be more organized, and while I seem to be two steps ahead, something will occur to take me three steps back. Shopping online was one of my organizational attempts, and for the most part it worked, with the exception of an item ordered about a month ago.

It was a super deal and if it arrived in time would still have been. If not, I will have gone to Plan B — always have a Plan B. I was informed it would be three weeks before delivery and there has been communication from the company, but no package has arrived as of last week Thursday.

As always we could make things simpler for ourselves, but don’t always do so. It took a visitor from Traverse City, Mich., Tyler Sylvester, to remind me what we all already know.

He spent the day shopping in Riverside, because he believes in shopping locally. His first stop was at Aunt Diana’s Fudge Shop which has been a very busy place and then to Higgins Glass to purchase a star.

He was very interested in the store and the story behind Higgins Glass. A stop at Coveny Lane for some teas and cup for the tea rounded out his Shop Riverside day.

Riverside reminds him of his hometown but on a much smaller scale. So now I will reverse my shopping for next year and make shopping locally my Plan A — something I already knew to do but had to be reminded of by a visitor to Riverside.

To all, whenever you are getting a chance to read The Landmark, I hope you had a merry, merry Christmas. Take the time to enjoy family and friends — make that the No. 1 plan always.