Coveny Lane proprietress Margo Coveny Rodriguez shows off her blue and cream Polish pottery and a Swedish linen runner.Jean Lotus/Staff

Forest Park’s will benefit from Riverside’s loss as Coveny Lane, a fixture in downtown Riverside for the past 11 years, moves to a 7223 Madison St. In that neighboring village.

Coveny Lane began as a Celtic-themed shop, said owner Margo Coveny Rodriguez, when Irish crystal was a big seller. It’s less so today, she said.

Coveny Rodriguez still sells lots of claddagh wedding rings, but she’s expanded her inventory and now sells décor and home goods from around the world. These include floral Swedish linens, colorful cream and blue pottery from Poland and imported European soaps and lotions, such as baume levres de miel (honey lip balm) imported from France.

“I don’t want to be limited in what I sell,” Coveny Rodriguez said. “There are so many pretty things in the world.”

When she got the word that the lease was up for the stand-alone shop at 30 E. Burlington St. in Riverside, Coveny Rodriguez started to think outside the gift box.

The Riverside building has been for sale since 2009, according to real estate websites.

“They offered to sell [the building] to me, but I’m not in that stage of my life. Maybe 20 years ago,” she said.

Forest Park’s Madison Street came
to mind.

“Forest Park is only three miles away. It takes me nine minutes longer to get there, so it’s not a big deal.”

What is a big deal is her perception of increased foot traffic of the shopping habitués on Madison Street and being part of a boutique shopping destination district.

The space formerly housed a kitchen cabinet company. She immediately liked the bay windows, track lighting and polished wooden floors of the space.

The shop’s inventory has already started to move in, but the space is about two-thirds the size of the more than 3,800 square feet at the Riverside store.

Coveny Lane sells purses, scarves, capes and ties along with jewelry, imported teas, art glass, gourmet olive oils and vinegars and fragrant candles. Coveny Rodriguez said she’ll feel right at home on Forest Park’s boutique row.

There was a bit of delay in the moving plan, but Coveny Rodriguez said she’s hoping to be open by July 9.

She started the shop when she retired from her career as a flight attendant. She named the store after her father’s last name, Coveny, she said. Her inventory philosophy is simple: “I never have anything in my store that my mother wouldn’t have loved,” she said

“Riverside has been a wonderful location, but I’m very happy to be moving to Forest Park,” Coveny Rodriguez said.