On Monday Aug. 19 the Riverside Police Department Intensified Enforcement Detail issued 41 citations in a little over four hours. Areas targeted were requested by residents.

Schools were not the focus of this detail because the majority of children were still on summer break. Officers did, however, briefly stop at RB High School at dismissal time, but did not observe any violations.

Three locations were targeted due to recent complaints. Police issued 15 citations to drivers on Harlem Avenue at E. Quincy. Eleven of those citations were for red light violations. One motorist was cited for failing to yield when turning left in front of many oncoming vehicles.

The detail then proceeded to the commuter parking lot where eight citations were issued to drivers who did not stop at the stop sign.

Eighteen more traffic citations were issued for speeding violations on Woodside Road. Officers also arrested a driver who did not have a license. One motorist was cited for speeding and received four more citations because neither the driver nor the children in the vehicle were wearing seatbelts.

As the school year begins, the focus of the enforcement will again shift to students going to and from school and the areas around schools. Many details are scheduled between now and the end of the year.