The Riverside Junior Woman’s Charity announced earlier this month that it had raised $27,700 during its 2018-19 fiscal year and that the funds had been donated to several local service agencies, community organizations and families in need.

Fundraising efforts in the past year includes a month-long Riverside Gives campaign during the holiday season, the group’s third annual Brews Cruise and its year-round Giving Partnership, through which local artists and businesses agree to donate a percentage of their sales to the Riverside Juniors.

“Without the generosity of our neighbors, none of this could have been possible,” said Jill Mateo, the club’s president, in a press release. “We thank our sponsors and everyone who donated at our events and supported our causes.”

The charity’s members voted in may to donate $4,265 to children’s support agencies; $5,440 to support community programs and for local partnerships; $5,745 for services to homeless women and families, adults with disabilities and others in need; $7,100 to local families; $1,500 for a scholarship; $1,850 to senior support programs; and $1,800 to veterans’ support programs.