Talked to Santa Claus this morning, I really did. We both were sad we were not going to be able to see each other on Friday night at the Riverside Bank during the Holiday Stroll, but we understand. However, he did assure me that things were still going strong on his end.

The North Pole has been safe because all are wearing their masks and staying a safe distance away from each other. Mrs. Claus has been constantly reminding the elves to wash their hands, something she normally does anyway. 

Santa has assured me and asked me to let you know that he has not forgotten all you boys and girls. He has been reading the letters you sent to him and told me that children will still receive presents but only, and these were his direct words to me, “only if they’ve been good, obedient and work hard.”

He told me today more than ever boys and girls need to listen to their parents. Just because it’s Christmas you don’t automatically receive presents.

The elves are working hard, making sure they wear their little masks and get plenty of rest so they don’t get sick. It’s important because they are the ones who make the gifts. As for the reindeer, well they are making sure they get enough exercise and then resting up for their trip on Christmas Eve. Rudolph is making sure his nose is shiny and bright to lead Santa on his travels.

Things will be different this holiday season, but Santa has also been in contact with the local recreation departments in Riverside, Brookfield and North Riverside. All are planning some things to keep the holiday season alive, so read the Landmark to find out what’s happening.

I remember going downtown to Marshall Field’s to see Santa, the big tree and the decorated windows, Uncle Mistletoe and Aunt Holly and learn about Field’s exclusives. Wonder where they are now? 

Even with all that is going on, we can still make it a Christmas to remember and make the best of it. Santa wants you to know he will miss you and thinks about you. If we think about the first Christmas we will have to admit, as bad as things may seem today, they are better than they were that time many years ago. The star is always shining above us, no matter what.