Here we are 2021 and we’re still spending more time at home than we had thought we would be spending. Excess time has led us to be creative in how we are spending that time, whether alone or with others.

Crafts have been a solution for some. My granddaughter Elena Duve made a wreath out of wine corks, which was very pretty. I did not dwell on where all the corks came from. Some people are doing puzzles, and I bought one myself. It is still in the box. There are also many books to be finished or started.

However, it seems cooking has been something that has consumed the creative sides of many. I am one of those people who is always collecting recipes from many sources and cutting them out with the best intentions, so I applaud those who really have been putting on their aprons and going for it.

Of course, by now we have completed the holiday baking, although I’m not the baker — I’m the recipient. Thank you Pam Talancon, Pam Kosey, Cousin Josephine and Teresa Hall.

 There are some real, honest-to-goodness cooks around here! I was amazed when our podiatrist, Dr. Nicholas Anderson here in Riverside, told us he and a few of his male relatives made 60 pounds of Italian sausage. 

Now that’s impressive. I saw pictures as proof. I could make all kinds of jokes, but I will refrain after all this is the man who tends to my toes. 

Then there is Dina Merola Kraus who posts pictures and recipes on Facebook (probably the best thing to come from Facebook). I get inspired and hungry just looking at the pictures — that big pot of sauce, yum-o! Many of her meals are family recipes. Frankly, I think she should have her own cooking show on Riverside TV. It could be “Dina’s Cocina” or “Dina Does Dinner.” 

I could go on and get cornier, but I won’t. So Riverside TV, give it a thought. Me? I’ve been cooking some, but also supporting local eateries. Have to do my part.

So it goes as we try to keep sane, safe and busy.

It is amazing what we can do if we have to when called upon, even if it means spending more time at home. How you spend the time it is up to you, but do your best, because nothing lasts forever.