Vaccine passports are a Trojan horse, forcing the vaccinated to give up intimate private health information to God knows what unsecure government agency database or worse yet, a censorship loving big tech monopoly. 

As time passes, who knows what other information they will require for you to use the passport? Maybe they will require you to get a flu shot. Maybe people with only a certain health profile will be allowed to eat at certain restaurants. The potential for abuse is gradual, but endless. The government can change the rules any time and in any way they want.

Worse still, a two-tier society will be created making unvaccinated people essentially outcasts in their own communities and country. A vaccine passport would legalize discrimination, criminalizing the unvaccinated and institutions who break the rules. It would be a crime for an unvaccinated person to enter certain places, and if they did, punishment would follow. 

Can you imagine being arrested, fined, and jailed for eating at a restaurant? Our country suffered a long and bloody civil rights movement to end these inhumane practices that are now being embraced by so many. The vaccine passport means you give the government complete control over who is and is not allowed to go certain places. A culture where one must “show their papers” is not on the verge of becoming a totalitarian state, it is one.

I understand people are scared, angry, stressed and long for a return to normal, but sacrificing our cherished rights will only make matters worse, not better. We must remain mindful of our shared values and stand up for them in the face of mounting pressure from those who would take our rights away for the illusion of safety. 

Stressful times do reveal people’s true character. This devastating hardship is revealing each of ours right now as we live through it. So, I ask you to search your own soul and do what you know may be hard, but right. I hope you will stand with the cause of freedom and privacy and against the inhumane vaccine passports.

All this coming from someone who is vaccinated but will gladly stand up for the rights of those who aren’t.

Mike Dobbins, Riverside