Want a pithy quote from a village planner, one that doesn’t mention a plat of survey or zoning districts or density debates?

How’s this?

“Porches are great for the community.”

We agree with Ann Cyran, Riverside’s village planner. Cyran is working with the planning and zoning commission to consider if the village should ease current limitations in some parts of the village that could make it easier to build somewhat larger porches or decks on a house. 

This discussion started back in the spring when a homeowner on Groveland asked for a variance to build a deck that would encroach by 5 feet into the home’s street yard. Cyran said there was no choice but to turn down that request under the existing regs. But it led to a discussion about creating some modest modifications. That amendment will be heard at a hearing on Oct. 25. 

We hope the majority of commission members and homeowners will agree that porches are great for the community.